Living with Scleroderma

this is nothing but a curve ball

Almost a year later

on August 18, 2015

Wow! I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve written an entry here.

Let me tell you what’s been going on.

I continued my cytoxan treatment till March of this year.  I am now on cellcept which is now my immuno suppressant in pill form which I have to take 1500 mg 2x a day in addition to my other 8 medications i take 2x a day.

My cough is still terrible. I cough so much that I either not getting any sleep or I’m just completely tired from exerting so much energy coughing.  I’m currently on prednisone daily, because it does help a bit.  And you know that prednisone does cause weight gain….boo!

I am also using my oxygen more often.  I get tired after short walks and get short of breath even after getting up.

My hair is falling off and my face is breaking out with acne.    I asked the doctors which medication it is causing it, but they said any of them could.  I’m still dealing with both issues daily but I decided to cut my hair short for the meantime to lessen the stress when I see my hair come out.  And I’m also taking topical solutions to help take care of my skin.

Here’s the silver lining….

Having to deal with pimples make me feel like a teenager again, woohoo!


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