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Chemo #6 and Rituxan again

on October 1, 2014

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately I haven’t updated the blog.

After my 6th chemo, my rheumatologist said my skin has gotten so much softer, yay! He even brought in an intern to feel my skin and told her that unlike the other patients, my skin isn’t as thick and puffy as theirs.

Just for precautionary measures, i was prescribed another 2 rounds of rituxan.

I also had been having a hard time sleeping due to coughing, and my fibromyalgia has been acting up really bad. My doctor mentioned I may have bronchitis and that causes the coughing which causes my lack of sleep which triggers my fibromyalgia.

He wanted to deal with my bronchitis with some medications and hopefully stop the whole cycle. Ten days with antibiotics and steroids cleared me up, whew!

I was doing great until recently that I’ve been getting so tired lately just by exerting a little bit of energy and I’ve also been coughing and aching everywhere.

I hope I didn’t catch anything because I’m so prone to everything since I’m on chemo.

So about doctors and specialists…in addition to my 2 rheumatologists and 1 pulmonologist, I also started seeing a pain management doctor 2 weeks ago and I will be seeing a physical therapist on Friday. I’m so exhausted with all my appointments and it feels like they just keep adding on on top of each other.

Anyway, I talked to the pain management doctor about what I go through daily with work, home and life and she agrees it may be causing stress that is causing my pain. Unfortunately, there is really nothing she was able to help me with. She says I’m coping pretty well. But they want to try everything, which explains the PT appt coming up, so we’ll see, Dunn Dunn Dunn….

It’s hard for me to admit that I’ve been having a hard time more everyday with the pain in my hands and joints and the fatigue but I’m so happy that I get to overcome them daily.

God’s good and I thank Him for his favor in our lives no matter our circumstance. I’ve been trying to teach the kids more about my condition regularly and explain to them how them helping me out is such a blessing. I love that they understand the importance of being grateful for everything and being a blessing to others.

In other news, I was invited to show some of my work at an exhibit a couple of weeks ago. It was such an awesome experience. I was very blessed!




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