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My Awesome Glasses

After the news story aired I’ve been asked where I got my oxygen glasses. They are from a company called Oxy-View, based in Engelwood, Colorado. We had to order them online since they were not available at our optometrist. My husband actually surprised me with them on Valentines day, sneaking behind my back and talking to my optometrist to get the measurements of my lenses and consult with Theresa from Oxy-View to get the right ones. He made sure they had Transition lenses so they turn into sunglasses as well. And I have to thank all of you who bought my artwork because the money raised from the sales paid for the frames and lenses. They have been a life changer. I can use them at work and no one even notices I’m on oxygen. I don’t have a cannula (oxygen tube) covering my face when I have conversations with people. It is definitely worth the investment. Unfortunately it’s not covered by insurance yet but hopefully it would be for others that need it. Please check out their website: and consult your physician, optometrist, and the wonderful people at oxy-view to get the right one for you.

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