Living with Scleroderma

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Holidays 2013

on February 14, 2014

For a while there, I actually forgot that I was sick. I did have my usual on and off cough but I was able to hang on during the holidays. I’ve been able to hang out and go out with a few family and friends.
And although I absolutely love amazon prime, I was also able to do some shopping for some Christmas presents and supplies.
I decided on a semi handmade (for the most part) Christmas kind of presents for most of the people on my wish list. I made flower pens, scarves, gloves, caramel popcorn and dinosaur necklaces with hubby’s help.
I have to say that Christmas 2013 is my favorite Christmas so far. “Santa” gave my son a bike, my daughter a dollhouse and me a drumset. The hubby got a grill and used it on that day.
But it wasn’t my favorite Christmas because of what we got but because of the joy we had preparing, choosing, making and even wrapping each present for the people we care about.
It was also great that the kids are old enough to participate and appreciate in the celebrations and understand the reason for the season.
With everything we’re going through, it makes me feel good knowing that God is the only thing we need and should because He has already provided for us long before we knew we needed something 🙂


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