Living with Scleroderma

this is nothing but a curve ball

A Day in the life

on April 26, 2013

A day in the Life of a Person with Scleroderma

6:30 AM- Wakes up with stiff joints in the hands, feet and back, causing another 10-20 minutes to pass struggling to get out of bed even with the pain.
6:50 AM- Put kids’ lunch together, prepare breakfast and help kids get ready for school
7:45 AM- Say goodbye to the kids off to school. Lie back down for 15 minutes to rest from an already exhausting start of the day
8:00 AM- Get ready for work, another challenging task since muscle weakness makes getting ready such a difficult task.
9:15 AM- Take morning meds and head to work
10:00-7:00- PM Spend the day at Work, with constant pain and stiffness
7:00 PM Spend time in traffic on the way home
7:45 PM Back home to have dinner with the family, totally tired physically and mentally
8:00 PM Spend time with the family doing homework or playing
9:00 PM Start putting the kids to bed
9:30 PM Clean up a bit, and take all night time meds
10:00 PM Finally back in bed to try and get some sleep.
10:15 PM Knees, elbows and arms start aching even more
11:00 PM Finally falling asleep
12:30 PM Wake up coughing for 10-20 minutes
1:00 AM Back to sleep
3:30 AM Wake up coughing for another 10-20 minutes
4:00 AM Back to sleep
6:30 AM Exhausted from all the coughing at night, now ready to start the day with more pain and stiffness all over again.


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