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Pulmonary Test

on April 7, 2013

On February 26th, I took my 4th Pulmonary Function Test.

It’s funny co’z there was only 4 people working in the clinic and I seem to have worked with every single one of them already. I found out the first guy that worked with me retired and got replaced by a new guy. So maybe I’ll meet him in a few months, LOL.

Taking tests always gives me some anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety causes me to cough. And coughing messes up with my tests. I decided to take my time getting ready today, not straining myself to not start a coughing fit. Hubby and I even left extra early so I wouldn’t have to rush to my test.

Here are the results of my PFT tests
FVC is the Forced Vital Capacity
From March 2012 58%
to Oct 52%
and Feb 49%

DLCO Diffusion capacity for Carbon Monoxide
From March 2012 50%
to Oct 39%
and Feb 35%

Healthy FVC is 75% DLCO is 80%
I was told that 40% on either one qualifies me for a lung transplant.
However, since I don’t quite need oxygen yet, I’m actually still good.

Even though my results are declining, it’s pretty much still the same.
They just want to do more follow ups and see what I would need next.

For the meantime, I’m quite relieved. It seems like the cytoxan worked for me! Yay!


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