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Rituximab Infusions DONE

on March 10, 2013

I had two Rituximab infusions. They were 2 weeks apart from each other.The first one was on January 30th and the second one was on February 13th.

Rituximab #1

Instead of the Oncology department, I was sent to the infusion center at the corner of Edgemont and Vermont. The cool thing with this building is that it’s next to a parking lot that have a few parking stalls for handicapped people. Many people are trying to get into those spots and we were lucky to have found a spot at least one of the two times we had to go there.

On my first infusion, I was told of the possible side effects of Rituximab such as rashes and chills. To avoid these side effects, I was given an IV of Benadryl. The nurse was injecting it slowly and in sections. As soon as she squeezed the liquid the first time, I started feeling loopy. I’ve had bad reaction with Benadryl before like sleepiness, but this was different.
I was sleepy but I started feeling chills and pain on my arms and leg. I couldn’t control my arm and it just kept falling off the side of my chair. I also kept falling in and out of sleep, but the pain made it very difficult. When I finally woke up from my last nap, maybe on hour 4 of the infusion, the sleepiness, pain and chills have all disappeared. I was a little groggy after it was all over.

I messaged my doctor and told her all about my experience. She decided that I should take Benadryl orally when on I go on my second Rituximab infusion.

On our infusion day, it took them 3 tries to find a good vein. They said my poor veins have been abused with all the chemotherapy and blood tests. But I’m glad they found a useful one. I would hate to know what would happen if they keep not finding a “good” vein.


The nurse read the note from my doctor stating that I will be given Benadryl as a pill. I still got a little groggy and fell asleep but not at all like the previous time. This time I had no chills and pain. It was funny that it was my pre medication that gave me such a reaction.

Anyway, this infusion ended about an hour sooner. I still felt some grogginess and weakness after, but it was tolerable. The only other side effects from Rituximab I have experienced is on and off nausea and vomiting. I had lots of dizziness spells and headache. Daily fatigue and weakness was also going for about a week each time. Then again, it comes with scleroderma too, so that’s a bit hard to tell.

For the most part, I’m relieved it’s done. I’m hopeful that there will be some positive results. And I’m very grateful for the opportunity to try another treatment for this disease.

Be Blessed! STAY HAPPY!


One response to “Rituximab Infusions DONE

  1. Kelley Waller says:

    Are you still taking the Rituxan? My brother is supposed to have his first one next week. Did you have good results/improvements? You may have already answered these in another post and I’m sorry for asking again if you have. I was just so excited to find your blog! Someone else has finally heard of this and knows what he’s going through! I’m going to read all your posts after I send this. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your faith and positive attitude. My prayers are with you and your family.

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