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Lung Scan Update and Cytoxan #11

on January 19, 2013

Cytoxan #11

The 2nd lung test consisted of inhaling radioactive gas and getting scanned for about 30-40 minutes.

Lung test #2 

The good news is that my doctor says that my results were normal, yay!

Last week, I just had my cytoxan treatment #11

cytoxan #11

I’m having on and off nausea and fatigue.  At least its not as bad as treatment #10.  In regards to my hair falling off, I’ve been extra careful with my hair.  I haven’t noticed an increase in falling out, just about the same, whew!

I guess the smaller dose of chemo is making a bit of difference.

The other day, my husband mentioned that we’re taking a break co’z I’m having 3 infusions, three weeks in a row.  The first one will be the Rituximab #1, the second will be Cytoxan #12 and the last one is Rituximab #2.

So, yes, I’m actually looking forward to a whole week of no doctor’s appointments, no tests, no hospitals before more back to back visits, each one between 6-8 hours long each.  

During this time, I’ll be celebrating every single day with my amazing family, co’z each day with them is a better day!


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