Living with Scleroderma

this is nothing but a curve ball

Walk for Cure 2012 – Team Kristine

on June 11, 2012

My husband asked for 4 volunteers to walk with him at the last Walk for Cure @ La Mirada.

In our surprise, over 40 people came to support us. It was such a humbling experience. We are thankful for every person that came out to spend the day with us.

Walk for Cure 2012

Some of our church family.
Walk for Cure

Extended church family
Walk for Cure

My best friend from Highschool.
Walk for Cure

I met a new special friend that has the same kind of Scleroderma that I have.
Walk for Cure

Look at these Teenagers!
Walk for Cure

Hubby’s old friends from junior high came. One family even drove all the way from Vegas.
Walk for Cure

Our Kiddies
Walk for Cure

Our Parents

My husband who made everything possible
Walk for Cure

Our Goodie Bags for Team Kristine!
Walk for Cure


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